Why Emmanuel?

Why replant Emmanuel and not plant a new church? There are a few church networks/denominations that have targeted the Clarksburg/Bridgeport area for church plants. Some pastor friends of mine have been asked to lead such efforts and refused. Some of my closest friends in the ministry have strongly considered planting a church in the area […]

Resources for Ministry Transitions

Over the last few months I’ve been reminded of the value of practical ministry helps. One area of practical theology that these tools are often neglected in is that of ministry transitions. There isn’t an explicit passage in the New Testament on “how to” do ministry transitions. There are, however, several implicit principles and examples in […]

Gospel Thinking

Experience in the gospel emanates from the truth of the gospel. Therefore, the more we understand the truth, the more we can experience the realities. Right thinking about the gospel produces right living in the gospel. Michael Barrett, Complete in Him. p.161

Advice from an Elderly Evangelist

There is much to learn from older ministers. Young ministers should make it a habit to constantly be asking for advice from those men who’ve been in the trenches before us. One of the best bits of advice I’ve received was from an older evangelist. He encouraged young guys to “Spend the first 5 years […]

He Will Hold Me Fast

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I’m excited to introducing He Will Hold Me Fast to our church family this Sunday. This is another song I was introduced to at T4G this year. Chord charts and pdf’s are available from Capitol Hill Baptist, which is where this congregational demo is from. The lyrics have had a ministry to me personally. They […]

Sunday Evening Church: To do or not to do?

Should we have Sunday Evening Church events? It’s no secret that Sunday Evening Services have fallen on hard times. Depending on one’s background it is either an anomaly or an assumed practice. When approaching this issue most of us have a conclusion based on certain presuppositions. Before giving your opinion dogmatically, I would warn you […]

A Little Church History in Keyser

I love church history both on a macro and microscopic level.  There’s a bit of church history here in Keyser that I wanted to share with you on one of our most noted residents. Catherine Marshall was a resident of Keyser for some time during her formative years. She is most notable for her novel, Christy, […]

See the Destined Day Arise

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I’m excited to introduce a new (old) hymn to our Gospel Life family in the morning. My first exposure was when we sang it this year at T4G and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. I tell our folks often that I’m not a young pastor with new ideas, […]

How To Do Family Worship

Want to start having a family devotional time, but wondering what to do? In this short video, from the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors, Don Whitney gives some simple and sound advice on the key elements of Family Worship. Simply: Read Pray Sing We’ve followed this simply pattern in our “Family Lifegroup” lately and have really […]

Church Media Resources

A church’s media and web presence is extremely important in this digital age. I like the “analog analogy:-)” that a friend of mine says, that the website is the new church foyer. Media can be expensive and convincing the powers that be to spend some cash on media can be daunting. Finding resources that are […]

A Frozen Father

I can totally relate to this guy’s parody of “Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen.  We’ve heard the girls in our house singing this song literally, hundreds of times this winter. Full disclosure: I actually like the song and especially love hearing my girls singing it. In all seriousness, there are some major issues that […]

Baxter on Evangelism

Is evangelism most effective in a group or individually? I believe we should get the gospel to whomever we can, whenever we can, and (within Biblical limits) however we can. Richard Baxter had a great statement regarding the effectiveness of personal evangelism. I know that preaching the gospel publicly is the best means, because we […]

Baxter on Church Size and Plurality of Pastors

Often church life gurus debate regarding the number of pastors at a particular church, multi-site strategies, polity issues regarding “senior” pastor vs. “associate” pastors. There are many issues and more importantly, Biblical texts that vie for our attention regarding what polity and pastoral care strategy best serves Christ’s church.  As is often the case, it […]