Proclaim Presentation Software

Proclaim Presentation Software

Like many other’s I’ve become a frequent user (almost addict) of Logos Bible Software. This relationship began with skepticism – mainly due to the price. After a presentation organized by Phil Gons and the encouragement of Jamie I took the plunge and haven’t looked back. Although I must admit, my relationship with Logos is a sort of love/hate in that I love what I get, but hate the constant temptation and seeming entrapment of always another upgrade or package to purchase.

In recent years some of the ancillary ministries of Logos have been very helpful, most notably 
Vyrso ebooks and Proclaim Presentation Software.

We started using proclaim as our primary worship software at Gospel Life last December. We love it! Although I still use powerpoint for various class presentations, it has basically become the primary software used in worship services.

Before Proclaim, we basically used Power Point, which while a standard, has its limitations for service presentations–especially with regard to songs. It lends itself to a lot of duplicating tasks and rigid structure. We had considered purchasing a PPT Add-on like Exalt Now from Sharefaith, however, with the pricing it was just as effective to find a dedicated application.

Here are some of the features of Proclaim we love and are worth your consideration:

  • Cloud Based & Cross Platform

    So long as you have an internet connection, Proclaim can be anywhere. Anyone on our team can access, create, and edit presentations from wherever they are. Since we’re a small ministry without a “creative team” on site, our volunteers can work on presentations from anywhere. The application can be installed on a PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone.

    This component eliminates having a combined PPT stored on a 3rd party platform and making sure the final edition is done and loaded to the computer at the sound booth. On Sunday mornings we simply fire up proclaim on the sound booth computer and everyone’s work is there and ready to go onto the screen.

  • Team Collaboration

    Once we set up a user group with Logos, any member can access and work on presentations. This is awesome…the preacher adds sermons slides, music folks put their songs in, announcement slides are done by assistants and it’s all there.

  • Wireless Signals

    This is one of my favorites. I’m a big fan of people having their Bible on a wireless devise. Proclaim’s integration with the Logos Bible Software App and the Faithlife Study Bible app allows wireless signals to be sent with a slide for a variety of purposes. Think of it as a beam attached to your slide. An announcement slide can have a calendar event sent to the entire room and individuals can add it to their own calendar. An electronic connection or visitor’s card can be sent out with a welcome slide. If a website is used in a sermon illustration the link can be sent out instantly. This gives a sense of relevance and get’s the techies involved in the service.

  • Text focused

    We often create a visual dichotomy by stating that the text is the primary focus of our sermons, but often is not the focus of our slides. Proclaim allows easy and quick display of the biblical text while sending out a signal to the audience to make sure their devise is “on the same page.” Since we are expositional in our preaching philosophy, we will often have the entire passage in Proclaim and whoever controls the presentation just keeps it with where I am in the exposition.

  • Pre & Post Service Loops with Countdown

    Creating Loops in PPT can be labor intensive. Proclaim makes it easy. I’ve been pleased with how having pre & post service loops have helped our communication and limited the need for extensive announcements.

  • Video integration

    Ever tried to put video into powerpoint? Anything is a help. This is a cool way to have them stored, easily moved and ready to play.

  • Quick edit & stored items.

    Especially with music, songs on a slide can hamper any spontinety such as changing the pre-selected song, repeating a verse, or the ever popular…skipping to the 4th stanza.

    Editing can happen on the fly. If it’s a song you’ve used before it’s only a few clicks away from having the entire song ready to present.

  • Remote Apps

    The remote apps make it nice for the presenter or song leader to control the presentation from any android or apply device with the remote app. This makes it nice to not have to pass around the presenter, or depend on the guy in the back to be superman. We will often switch control throughout the service. For instance, the sound booth controls the slides during the worship service and then I’ll control it from my iPad or android phone during the sermon.

    These are just some of the things we’ve liked about proclaim. You may want to give it a try; they offer a discount for the first year. BTW: I don’t get any referrals, it’s just my two cents.

    What do you use for presentations during worship services? What do you like or dislike about it?


3 thoughts on “Proclaim Presentation Software

  1. Thanks for the post, Jayson. I’ve been curious about Proclaim for a while now. Sounds like it has some amazing features. I would love to see it in action.

    • Hey Kerry, sorry for the extremely delayed response. We’re still enjoying it, especially the text focus. You’re able to download it for free and test with it. The purchase is only for the “on air” license.

      Either way, if you’re going to see it in action, we’ll just have to have you come up here some time. Grace to you,


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